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Dye Stains
Dye stains offer a more even stain coat when selecting two tone woods; They are darker and richer in color than the wiping stains.

  Brandy Burgundy Chestnut Mocha Java  

Wiping Stains
Wiping stain is sprayed over the wood surface and then hand wiped off for consistent coverage.

Natural Briarwood Golden Sienna Stone Driftwood


  Oyster Black White Pearl Fog Taupe  

Rub-through is achieved when color is sanded off edges, corners and other areas leaving the natural color of the wood exposed.

Cracks, dents, nicks and worm holes give the apearence of aged wood.

  Black Rub-through Pearl Rub-Through W/Distress  

Glazing Options
Pencil Glaze is achieved by using a flow pen instrument to apply glaze to the detail in profiled areas.

Accent Glaze is hand applied and each door will have its own personality. The more decorative the
molding, the more defined it will be as the glazing will hang-up in the recesses of the molding.

  Pencil Glaze

Accent Glaze: Chocolate or Black


Highlights are only available on painted cabinets. Highlights are achieved by
using a flow pen instrument to apply the color to the detail in profiled areas.

  Smoke Umber Ebony Ginger    

Furniture Finish
Products are carefully coated with pigmented conversion varnish, sealed and then oven baked in a temperature controlled oven.
When all pieces have cooled, they are sanded with a fine grit sandpaper, then have a topcoat applied and sent through the heating
ovens to dry. This catalyzed conversion varnish finish and oven curing system provides an exceptionally beautiful luster.
Conversion varnish is transparnet and the most durable finish available for wood.

Sample colors may vary, please see dealer for actual colors.

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Internet technology does not accurately portray exact colors and finishes.
Some kitchens may show custom personal design options that were offered by dealers.
Visit a dealer to view samples of actual colors.